Common Leaking Fluids from Cars

Common Leaking Fluids from Cars

All cars may leak from time to time, leaving puddles in the driveway or trails leading out of it which may cause their owners to panic. The good news, however, is that a little knowledge of what the different colors mean will help you determine the severity of the problem, or if there’s actually no problem at all.

A clear, thin puddle is the ideal example of the latter; it is only water and is no cause for concern. However, if it is somewhere between clear and brown and also slick, it is your brake fluid, and this is perhaps the most dangerous leak you can encounter. It causes a loss in pressure in the car’s hydraulic system, which can lead to actual brake failure if left unaddressed for too long. If you suspect that your brake fluid is leaking, contact your local auto mechanics immediately.

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Other types of leaks break down in this way: engine oil is light brown to black; thin and reddish or thick and brown is transmission fluid; thin and light brown or [sometimes] reddish is power steering fluid; and slimy and green, pink or yellow is coolant. Generally, small drips of engine oil are not serious problems, as they certainly seep out from time to time, but a consistent leak should be inspected to ensure it does not get bigger. It’s also important to note how transmission fluid can be distinguished from power steering fluid, since they can sometimes look similar: transmission fluid leaks occur near the center of the car, while power steering fluid leaks are more towards the front.

In addition to color and consistency, location is another important factor (whether the leak is at the front or rear of the car). For leaks at the rear, it’s recommended to place aluminum foil or newspaper under the car at night so you can better determine the color and nature of the leak.

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Five Perks of Auto Services

Five Perks of Auto Services

The best auto repair businesses are willing to go beyond the most basic services to ensure their customers are satisfied. Although every business is different, here are five common provided services which are usually complementary and of little or no cost to the customer.


Warranties are standard offers from auto mechanics and often guaranteed with their services. A good warranty covers 12 months/12,000 miles, while some are double (24 months/24,000 miles). They can certainly vary depending on the business, but many offer multiple warranties so customers can choose the one that’s right for them.

Safety Checks

It is becoming common practice for auto mechanics to include vehicle safety inspections (for little to no cost) with their services. These “multi-point” checks apply to each aspect of your car, from the lights, wheels and windows to the brakes, engine and everything in-between. They are meant to identify problems of any sort, especially those which may require attention in the near future.

Shuttle Service

Some, but not all, auto repairers offer shuttle services to customers whose cars are being repaired. Of course, this is incredibly convenient for customers who do not have reliable transportation other than their own cars and need to get to work, home, the grocery store, etc.

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Wi-Fi Service

Most auto repair services now offer complementary Wi-Fi service within their buildings. Customers are free to connect to the internet via their phone, tablet, laptop, etc. while their cars undergo repairs, which may occasionally take longer than expected.

Auto Advice

Aside from all standard car repairs, your local trained auto mechanics are always happy to answer questions and provide solid advice to help you prevent serious car problems in the future. The more you know, the better-prepared you’ll be if and when more problems arise, so take advantage of every bit of advice you’re given!

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Preparing for Automobile Services

Preparing for Automobile Services

At Chris’ Auto Service, we are dedicated to keeping our customers not only satisfied, but well-informed of what we do and how they can prevent serious problems from developing over time. Here are some common tips we offer to help our customers prepare for automobile service.

It is important to keep even small problems in mind, as they can potentially develop into serious problems if they go unaddressed. Although we work with our customers to sort the most urgent problems from those which can wait, we ensure they are fully informed of each and every problem so they know what to keep an eye on as time passes.

Automobile Services Preparation | 617-698-9546 | Chris’ Auto ServiceFor the utmost protection in case of future problems, we recommend that our customers keep all formal written documents concerning their car repairs. These documents include all necessary details about services executed, parts used and mechanics employed, so they should always be kept in case they are needed in the future.

In addition to preserving these documents, customers should also keep all repair history forms for their vehicles. This provides automobile services with quick references to your vehicle’s past problems and repairs so no duplicate efforts are made. This also helps you keep track of work which may need to be done in the future.

If your repairs are being covered by an insurance company, you should stay as updated as possible about this, as well. What your insurance will cover and how much it will pay can certainly vary, so it’s important to know these conditions and details before bringing in your car for repairs.

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Tips for Engine Longevity

Tips for Engine Longevity

There are many things car owners can do to extend the life of their engine, and who would not want to take full advantage of such suggestions? Here are a few quick tips to help your car engine last as long as possible.

Brand-new cars have what is called a “break-in period,” which refers to its first one-thousand miles of use. During this time, it’s best to go easy and not exceed 3,500 RPM during the first five-hundred miles, although it is good to utilize the car’s entire range of performance. Properly breaking in the engine, so to speak, is certainly worth it in the long run.

Tips for Engine Longevity |617-698-9546 | Chris' Auto ServiceThroughout the winter, especially when it’s particularly cold, take the time to allow your engine to warm up properly. Batteries carry lower charges in cold temperatures, and engines require more energy to start and maintain as a result. However, simply letting it sit idly isn’t always the best option. Allowing it a minute or two to sit followed by slow and careful driving (initially) will often be more effective at warming up the engine, and this will have a lasting effect on its strength over time.

The various effects of speeding on the engine are debatable, but the ideal speed for cars and trucks, at which they operate most effectively, is between fifty and fifty-five miles per hour. Every ten miles per hour beyond this range drastically increases the required horsepower and also uses more fuel. Cutting back on speed when possible will go a long way in reducing wear-and-tear on your engine.

If your car has a manual transmission, staying in the correct gear for your speed is greatly beneficial for the engine. Driving in a gear too high for the speed and RPM range causes “lugging,” in which the car shakes and moves slower than it should. This creates extra strain on the engine which is easily preventable, and extensive lugging over time will not at all be good for its longevity. Contact Chris’ Auto Service for a free consultation.

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Myths about Engine Oil

Myths about Engine Oil

Using quality engine oil is of great importance. It lubricates your engine’s moving parts, protects against rust corrosion and keeps it free of “sludge” with the help of oil additives. However, there are a few common myths about engine oil which automobile owners should understand.

You should always know the viscosity of oil before you purchase it. Viscosity generally corresponds to thickness; the ideal engine oil is neither too thick (high viscosity) to flow sufficiently nor too thin, like water, to do its job.

Oil’s viscosity changes in accordance with temperature, so multi-grade ratings provide both the “cold” and “hot” viscosities. For example, in 10W-30 oil, “30” equals the “SAE 30” viscosity rating, while the “10W” represents “cold oil.” Contrary to popular belief, the “W” does not stand for “weight;” in accordance with the oil’s cold viscosity, it actually stands for “winter.”

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Oil is generally a light color when it first goes into your engine, but this does not mean it is too dirty and must be replaced when it turns dark. In fact, the opposite is true; if your engine oil includes a detergent, as most modern oils do, its darkness means it is “suspending” the small particles which accumulate into sludge and preventing them from building up in the engine. Even though the oil is darker, its function is not impeded, and there are separate indicators for when it’s time for an oil change.

It is a commonly-held belief that if your oil is not changed every 3,000 miles, sludge will accumulate and potentially harm your engine’s moving parts. Although this is the recommended rate [which certainly cannot hurt], Consumer Reports has determined that most cars, if not driven in particularly difficult conditions, can be driven up to 7,500 miles in-between oil changes without developing any serious problems.

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Car is Smoking

Car is Smoking

Depending on the color of the smoke that is coming from your car and where the smoke is coming from will determine what is wrong with your car. Obviously when your car is smoking there is a problem. Determine what the problem is will help you determine if you are going to need a car mechanic or not. There are four colors of smoke that you might run into.

  • White Smoke
  • Black Smoke
  • Light or Dark Blue Smoke
  • Light Grey

 Car is Smoking White Smoke

White smoke in the morning that disappears after the car is warmed up is fine. White smoke that continues even after the car is warmed up could be a sign of a cracked engine block, cracked cylinder, or a head gasket that is leaking.

Car is Smoking Black Smoke

There are several reasons why you might see black smoke. Depending on the make and model of your car will determine the reason behind black smoke from your car.

Car is Smoking Light or Dark Blue Smoke

Unfortunately seeing this type of smoke generally means that you need one of three things done. You might need valve stem seal replaced, engine replaced, or your engine rebuilt.

Car is Smoking Light Grey Smoke

This could simply mean that you need to refill your transmission fluid if you continue to see this type of smoke you will need to take your car into a car mechanic to get a better idea as to what is wrong with it.

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Milton Massachusetts

Milton Massachusetts

Founded in 1640, Milton, Massachusetts is a suburb of Boston and home to a little over 27,000 people. Chris’ Auto Service in Milton provides residents with a sense of ease and relief by providing affordable auto repair services that keep people moving and safe all throughout the year.  Founded just after Boston, Milton possesses a rich history. On the other hand, Milton has always been a smaller community, someplace to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Both former President of the United States, George H. W. Bush and architect Buckminster Fuller have the distinction of calling Milton their birthplace. Repeatedly, Milton has been listed as one of the Best Places to Live in the United States by Money Magazine. Just outside of Milton, you will find Hyde Park, Quincy, Randolph, and Canton, although most residents here call it home, they work closer to Boston.

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The Milton Academy, a prep school of note is located here as well as the small liberal arts school, Curry College. There are four elementary schools: Collicot, Cunningham, Glover, and Tucker. These feed into the community’s Charles S. Piece Middle School and then Milton High School. That does not include the numerous private schools.

Whether you are visiting the area or a regular resident, if you need work done on your vehicle, you want to check out Chris’ Auto Service.  We have been helping our friends and neighbors here for years with all sorts of truck and car repair including when someone need a new battery or alternator, new tires, oil changes, basic maintenance, diagnostics, and more complex car repairs, you can count on Chris’ Auto Service in Milton like so many others have already come to do.

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