Car Repairs at Chris’ Auto Service

Car Repairs at Chris’ Auto Service

Our car repairs are wide-ranging, from part replacement and engine maintenance to winterization (and de-winterization) and regular tune-ups. At Chris’ Auto Service, our experienced car mechanics and technicians are committed to providing only the highest-quality service to our customers, and we do everything we can to make every car we work on run like new.

For citizens of Massachusetts, car winterization can certainly be worthwhile, and our auto mechanics are highly experienced in the process. It can be as simple as switching to more suitable engine oils or coolants, or as essential as using new tires or ensuring your battery will withstand the freezing temperatures. It also involves things such as windshield treatments, checking belts and hoses, tire pressure and oil changes, all of which are standard car repairs for professional auto mechanics. Accordingly, we also do “de-winterization,” which consists of corresponding tests and adjustments to make winterized cars more suitable for spring once again.

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As part of our regular tune-ups, we offer comprehensive safety inspections in which we check every essential feature of your car (or truck) to ensure everything is running smoothly. We immediately identify any problems and their urgency – some are minor and require minimal attention, while others are too serious to put off and require the work of a professional. When your car or truck is badly-damaged – even when it seems damaged beyond repair – you can count on us to make every repair necessary to have it running strongly once again.

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