Problems We Fix

Problems We Fix

Anyone who has been driving or owned a car for a while knows there are all sorts of problems that can go wrong with pretty much any make, model or year of any car or truck. Chris’ Auto Service in Milton MA is here to help you keep things running smoothly with regular tune ups, manufacturer suggested car maintenance, mileage maintenance, winterization, de-winterization, and more. But, we’re also here for when things don’t go exactly as planned.

Common Car Problems We Fix:

Car Problems We Fix | 617-698-9546 | Chris' Auto Service

  • Car Broke Down
  • Car Won’t Start
  • Brakes Not Working
  • Failed Emissions Test
  • Can’t Switch Gears
  • Car Overheating
  • Car Leaking Fluids
  • Car Engine Makes Knocking Noise
  • Dashboard Light Stays On
  • Car is Smoking

That’s just for starters. We have become trusted auto mechanics in the area, because we treat our customers fairly. If there is a fix you need, we are going to let you know your best options. We’ll also provide you with a written estimate if you want to shop around. Don’t worry, we’ll be here when you come back. We are going to do the car repairs you need at the best price.

We’re not going to add on additional repairs that you don’t need and we aren’t going to try and scare you into buying stuff you don’t need for your car. We will tell you if there is any reason for concern and we will work with you to help you keeping your car running smoothly and safely for many years to come.

If You are in any of these areas in Massachusetts:

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