Transmission Service

Transmission Service

A car’s transmission is one of its most important parts; it is responsible for transferring the engine’s power to the axles and enabling the car to be driven at different speeds and in different gears. As a result, auto repair for it can be quite costly. The more car owners know about their transmissions, the more they can do to keep them running properly and make them last as long as possible.

One of the easiest ways to ensure the transmission is working properly is checking its fluid for both proper amount and color. After starting the car and allowing it to warm up (although some cars must be shut off before checking the fluids), the dipstick should be removed, cleaned, reinserted and then removed again. The dipstick will have markings at the end which indicate the fluid’s level. As for color, its fluid is generally bright red, so any other color will suggest that transmission service is urgently needed.

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Some of the most common warning signs of transmission problems include: pink or red puddles underneath the car; the transmission being unable to shift; having less transmission fluid than recommended in the car’s manual; unusual noises when accelerating, shifting or changing from drive to reverse; and, of course, the “check engine light“.

Transmissions must be sealed in order to operate effectively, so fluid loss will certainly reduce its operation. If you suspect any sort of problem, no matter how minor, it’s best to seek professional transmission service as soon as possible. For the best-quality transmission service in the Boston area, contact Chris’ Auto Service.

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