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About Chris’ Auto Service

Chris' Auto Service MiltonAfter years of working for companies that had a long turnaround time and charged the clients way to much Chris decided it was time to set off on his own. Chris knew that he wanted to be able to offer his customers quicker times, great auto mechanic services, and affordable rates. This is what Chris’ Auto Service was founded on.

Experienced Car Mechanics

You need an experienced car mechanic to be able to repair your car as quickly as possible.  When you bring your car or truck to Chris’ Auto Service you will know from the start that we have the experience needed to meet all of your car maintenance, minor repair, and major repair needs.  After many years there are very few cars and trucks that we have not worked on and even fewer car repairs that we have not done before.

Auto Mechanic In Milton MA | Chris' Auto ServiceNew Car Repairs

While many of the other auto shops stick with the basics we take great pride in learning more and more about how to repair the new cars out there. In the past many cars worked about the same. As you know cars today are more likely to work in conjunction with computer chips. We take the time to learn about the new cars that are out there so that we are able to help everyone that is out there.

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Major Car Repairs

No matter if you need to drag, push, or tow your car in we are able to help you. We are even willing to offer you our tow service to help you out. When your car is not working and you are not sure why you want to make sure that you have a dependable mechanic on your side that is able to get your car back on the road as soon as possible and that is what Chris’ Auto Service is here for.


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