Oil Changes

Oil Changes

An oil/filter change simply involves draining out and replacing a car’s motor oil, as well as its filter. Regular oil changes are essential for vehicles to function properly and maintain their longevity.

There is much debate about the proper time-frame for changing oil. Of course, many factors come into play, including how one drives, the age and condition of the car’s engine, the environment and so on. Recommendations from owners’ manuals can be anywhere between 3,000 and 10,000 miles, but the most common is around 5,000.

Some factors, however, may urge you to change it more frequently, such as: living in an extremely cold or hot climate; frequent driving on dirt roads; frequent carrying of heavy loads, such as in vans or pickup trucks; and frequent fast driving and/or heavy acceleration.

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Every driver should understand the importance of oil changes. There are three basic reasons: due to high operating temperatures, a car’s oil undergoes a “thermal breakdown” and loses its effectiveness as a lubricant. When this occurs, an engine’s parts begin to rub against one another and wear down as a result. Secondly, oil uses additives to help neutralize acids, and these additives lose their effectiveness over time in the same way. Finally, oil absorbs [and holds in suspension] dust, water and byproducts of combustion. When the oil becomes saturated with them and reaches maximum absorption, these chemicals can begin to corrode the engine.

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